Harte Research Institute, Salinity Effects

This search tool contains a data base of the preferred salinity ranges for bioinidicator species. You can search by scientific name, common name, or location.  

Harte Research Institute, HRI Hydroserver

This site is the result of a synthesis of hydrological data from multiple sources covering the state of Texas with an emphasis on the Texas coast. The data hosted on this server have been published using the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) Hydrologic Information System (HIS). 

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Clean Rivers Program Data Tool

This web tool allows anyone to view and download TCEQ-collected water quality sampling data with an emphasis on freshwater sources e.g., lakes and rivers, but also coastal segments. For example, you might want to view the information about the water quality of a river you live near or a lake where you catch fish. You could run several reports to compare the current quality with past reports.  

The Nature Conservancy, Texas Water Explorer

The Nature Conservancy’s Texas Water Explorer incorporates numerous state, national and academic datasets commonly utilized by water managers throughout Texas. This website summarizes and maps important information to help you understand Texas water without asserting any causal links to Texas’ freshwater challenges.

Texas Tribune, Texas Reservoir Levels App

Using data collected from the Texas Water Development Board's Water Data for Texas site, the Texas Tribune have built a map that visualizes the current state of Texas’ reservoirs. The map auto-updates daily with new data.

Texas Water Development Board, Texas Water Data

This website contains data for reservoirs, droughts and groundwater. It does not have a home page, so you can access all the components from the reservoir page, drought page or ground water page, This tool was developed for TWDB staff but is open for public use.

United States Geological Survey, Water Data for Texas

The USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) is an application that supports the acquisition, processing, and long-term storage of water data. This particular site contains a portal to a geographically seamless set of much of the water data maintained within NWIS for the State of Texas.  The gage data typically includes flow and height.